Magnum Entertainment Booking Terms & Conditions

Here are the terms and conditions you are hereby agreeing to when confirming your booking with Magnum Entertainment

Magnum Entertainment Booking Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions set out in this document covers a number of products and services provided by Magnum Entertainment, the signing of your booking contract along with payment of your booking fee confirms your acceptance of the below terms and conditions, no variation to any of the below will be accepted unless prior agreement is made by a company representative in writing.

General Booking Terms & Conditions

Booking fees paid to the company are non refundable.
All cancellations must be received in writing by either email, via our social media channels or by post.
Cancellations can be made by either party with no less than 28 days prior notice.
Cancellations received with less than 28 days of your booking require payment in full.
Any booking fees paid to the company are paid based upon the products stipulated within your booking contract, should you decide to cancel your products your deposit can not be used another product unless agreed by the company at the companies discretion and subject to availability.
Contributions towards your remaining balance can be made at any time towards your remaining balance, however these become non refundable when paid.
Your contract is not transferable to any other person or event, in circumstances in which this may be required a new contract will be issued by the company.
Whilst all safeguards are assured the company cannot be held responsible for any injury sustained by the client or by a clients guests due to misuse of the products or services in which the company provide.
It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that the event venue is available for 60 minutes prior to and 60 minutes after any event to allow for sufficient time to set up and take down the equipment provided.

Below are Terms & Conditions related to specific products and services provided by the company.

DJ Bookings

“Performance time”. Your DJ is provided by Magnum Entertainment to provide audio entertainment to the client and their guests between the hours stipulated as “start” and “finish” times within your contract. No variation will be made to these unless prior written agreement is in place between the client and the company, this will result with an amended contract being issued and signed.

Although your contract states a “finish” time for the DJ, this is at the discretion of the venue in which we are attending, a venue representative may instruct the DJ to finish at an earlier time than stated due to a variety of reasons, as a company we must adhere to the request of the venue, this I completely out of control of the company therefore no amendment in fee will be made.


Magnum Entertainment encourage clients to provide input into the music selection for the evening. This is restricted to 20 tracks per event, the company will not accept any playlists longer than 20 tracks in length. The playlist request system will be inaccessible 14 days prior to your event, this cannot be altered, this is done to ensure that your DJ has the opportunity to located and purchase any tracks required.

Playlists sent to ourselves in the form of written documents or screenshots will not be accepted, the only acceptable way of compiling a playlist Is via the playlist generator within the client area of our website.

Any requests received after the closing date of the playlist management section will not be accepted by the company or any company representative,

All music requested must be;

  • Appropriate for the audience, i.e explicit tracks will not be played at events with children present.
  • Available for legal purchase to ourselves, we have access to a very extensive collection of music in which we can purchase legally. Requests to obtain tracks from YouTube, Spotify or similar platforms will be refused as these are illegal for DJ’s to purchase and play.

We often have requests to play a mashup of track for first dances etc, we will of course accommodate this however we must receive your track from yourself no later than 5 working days prior to your booking as this has to be scanned for any errors before being loaded onto a DJ’s system.

Extra Time – Unless prior agreement has been made in writing to the company your DJ will not start playing prior to the contracted start time and will not play beyond the contracted finish time.

In House Systems – Some venues require any entertainment to be played through their in house systems to comply with licensing, if your venue is one of these please ensure we are notified this at the time of booking – we cannot be held responsible for not having the ability to play through a specific system if we are not notified in advance of this requirement.

Equipment – No persons aside from representatives of Magnum Entertainment are permitted to use the equipment supplied by the company this includes but is not limited to;

  • Singers / Artists
  • Bands
  • Guests

This includes with an instrument, vocals, any music required for their act, any company or person who you have booked to provide entertainment alongside your DJ should have the relevant equipment to undertake their profession.

Dance Floors;

General Terms and Conditions to cover all dance floors.

Dance Floor sizes – Magnum Entertainment will always where possible recommend a suitable sized dance floor for your chosen venue. The company however cannot be held responsible if the venue does not leave a sufficient area for your stipulated sized dance floor.

Under no circumstances are tables or chairs permitted to be placed on the dance floor, should tables and chairs be placed on the dance floor the client will be responsible for the maintenance work that Is required to remove the scratches caused by these – this Is done by an external company therefore the cost is to be determined by them.

Drinks – Drinks are not permitted to be brought on to the dance floor and it is the responsibility of the client to ensure this is enforced, spilt drinks can cause the dance floor to malfunction and power down, in rare occasions spilt drinks can cause the floor to power down which in which case the company will not be held responsible or liable for any refunds.

Laying surface – All of the dance floors supplied require a flat, level surface to ensure that the floor can remain powered at all times, it is the clients responsibility to ensure that this is provided, Dance floors that loose power due to uneven surface will not be refunded.

Colour Commander dance floor (interactive dance floor)

When hiring the interactive dance floor the client is responsible for the safe keeping of the control laptop/tablet, if the laptop/table is lost or damaged this is chargeable to the client at £200+ VAT for the company to have this repaired or replaced.

LED Letters:

Any LED letters are not to be climbed on or in by guests under any circumstances, should any damage be caused to any LED letters provided by the company this will be chargeable at cost to the client, this is done by the letter manufacturer therefore the cost is to be determined by them upon inspection of any damage.

Photo Booths: 

All Photo Booths are hired based upon a 3 hour running time, set up and take down is not included within this period and is done outside of this period of time. All Photo Booths come with the following as standard;

  • Unlimited double prints
  • Greenscreen
  • Guest book
  • USB memory stick with a copy of all event images
  • Experienced booth attendant

Should in the extremely rare occasion be an issue in which the photo booth does not work or has an issue any lost hire time will be made up at the end of the hire. i.e If the photo booth is not operational for a time duration of 20 minutes during the agreed hire time, 20 minutes will be added on to the agreed finish time to ensure you always receive the full 3 hour time slot.

Venue draping, table skirts and backdrops.

Whilst we do not expect these products to come back in pristine condition, any excessive marking or staining will be charged to the client to have these professionally cleaned, any cost associated with this will be charged at the rate in which the company are charged by the cleaner plus VAT.

Starlit Banqueting Tables:

When hiring starlit banqueting tables these are hired as “dry” meaning that these do not come with table cloths, your venue or venue dresser will be required to cloth the table as normal. All batteries are delivered and installed fully charged, this means the batteries will last a minimum of 12 hours when set to fade (this is the standard automatic setting we set all tables to)

It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that no guests are climbing on or misusing the tables, any damage caused by guests is chargeable to the client.

LED Tree’s

When hiring LED trees the company has to be mindful of the weather conditions at the location of the hire, in extreme weather conditions a company representative may upon arrival determine that the wind is too extreme to safely place the trees outside, if this is the outcome then the company will endeavour to find a location inside of the venue to place the trees. In the unfortunate situation where the poor weather alongside the lack of internal space for the trees the company reserve the right to stop the installation, in this situation a refund of 50% of the value of the tree hire cost will be refunded to the client.

Snow Machines

Snow Machines can be used in most weather conditions including snow itself, the company will always attend any events booked regardless of the weather conditions as long as it is safe to do so, if it snows when you hire the snow machine and decide to cancel this the company will not issue any refund.