Dance the night away using Starlit Dance Floors from Magnum Entertainment in County Durham….

No doubt you will have been dreaming about your wedding for a long long time, since the moment you got engaged, or even earlier than that if you were raised as a princess. If for some strange reason you are the groom left in charge of finding a suitable dance floor then leave the room now, go and grab your fiance and wife-to-be, show her our Starlit Dance Floors, and let her make the ultimate decision…. We do jest of course!

In all seriousness though, Starlit Dance Floors make the perfect solution to any wedding reception or disco where you wish to add a touch of something. Something different, sparkly, and elegant in its own unique way. Starlit Dance Floors can be tailored in size to suit your venue, and with various different lighting options available, there’s no reason why you should look anywhere else when searching for wedding dance floors in County Durham.

Introducing Starlit Dance Floors to your wedding venue and guests will find it hard to forget for weeks to come…

Starlit Dance floor Seaham Hall Durham
Starlit LED Twinkling Dance Floor Redworth Hall Durham

Starlit Dance Floors and Uplighting from Magnum Entertainment

If you are looking for Starlit Dance Floors in County Durham for your Wedding, then Magnum Entertainment have everything you need right here in one place.

Starlit Dance Floors and Uplighting go hand-in-hand, and it can sometimes be difficult to get in right. Finding an experienced company who knows what they are doing, and maintains professionalism from start to finish is hard, but this is something Magnum make incredibly easy. Our experience from working in wedding locations all over Co. Durham and the Northeast is precious and our portfolio from providing dance floors and lighting for weddings all over the region should not be turned a blind eye to.

Whether you are looking for Dance Floors in County Durham or Uplighting in County Durham, Magnum Entertainment have you covered from all angles. Creating the perfect setting for your special day is something we know we are very good at, and our passion for doing this is something that will only continue to get bigger and bigger as time goes on.