Covering Middlesbrough, Cleveland & County Durham

Magnum Entertainment are proud to announce for 2020 and 2021 our new LED letters.

Our LED letter stock is like no other in the North East, the features of our letters are;

  • Custom LED colour – you can have the lights within the letters any colour you want! That is over 1500 options!
  • Cool to the touch – no need to worry about the children getting sore hands by touching the bulbs – these are cool to the touch.
  • 190 different modes! – We have 190 different program options with our letters including colour chases, flashes and much more!
  • Indoor or outdoor use – Our letters are so safe you can put them outside….even in the rain! with every aspect of the letter waterproof.
  • 5ft tall and finished in a high quality painted aluminium.

Along with every letter of the alphabet available we also have a giant 5ft heart, small “Mr & Mrs letters”, small “The” letters and small love letters which can be hired along with large letters or alternatively by themselves.

Giant LED Heart Hire North East
LED Letters Middlesbrough

Giant LED Letters in Middlesbrough

Our LED letters can be hired throughout the UK, primarily we cover;

Areas we cover:

  • Darlington
  • Middlesbrough
  • Hartlepool
  • County Durham
  • Cleveland