Special effects add the finishing touches to your event, whether it be creating the picture perfect moment with our confetti canons or walking through a snow blizzard into your winter wonderland themed wedding.

We have a

Dancing On The Clouds Effect

The stunning “dancing on the cloud effect creates the perfect first dance moment to capture by your photographer to view in years to come. The technology used makes it 100% safe and doesn’t interfere with venues fire alarm systems like alot of other alternatives.

Confetti Canon

Why not have your first dance picture showered with confetti? A great way to make a picture perfect moment to cherish for years to come.

Our confetti canons are available in a range of colours/shapes and material.

Star & Snowflake Projection

Ever laid and looked at the night sky with your partner? Maybe that’s where the proposal was? Now we can create it at Magnum by projecting stars throughout the walls and ceiling of your venue, and they move!

Snow Effect

Are you having a winter wonderland themed wedding? Worried about relying on the UK’s weather letting you down? Why not take a look at our snow machine, this isn’t any ordinary snow machine that you’d see other companies with! We can alter the level and speed and density of the snow to suit your requirements!

We are one of only a few companies in the UK that have this machine, with its 10metre  pipe we can make it snow wherever you want, inside or outside!